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The Sisters Brothers

In view of Patrick DeWitt’s epic, The Sisters Brothers (2018) pursues the narrative of siblings Eli and Charlie, two paid professional killers in the strides of a miner who stole from their supervisor. Charlie and Elie live in a wild and unfriendly world, have blood staring them in the face: the two hoodlums and blameless people. The brethren live in Oregon and work for the Commodore, going about as menaces and once in a while as killers. They need to make a trip to San Francisco to play out another mission for their supervisor: to discover and murder Hermann Kermit Warm, a gold searcher. From Oregon to San Francisco, an intractable chase starts, a nascent adventure that will test this insane connection that joins them. In any case, Eli has an existential emergency and starts to question the life span of his picked profession, and Hermann may have a superior offer.

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