The Swindlers

Jang Doo-chil is the cerebrum behind a substantial scale monetary trick, the Ponzi conspire connected by him including 25 invented firms who have figured out how to mislead the trust of no less than 30,000 individuals. Making a $ 4 billion misfortune, Jang leaves Korea by means of undercover, with a phony international ID made by “Nighttime Fog,” an evildoer at the last blow. An influx of suicides and a colossal outrage busts in the Korean media, while the body of the “Nighttime Cloud” is found by cops, hanging himself, obviously pulverized by regret. Just his child, Ji-sung, in his turn a famous convict, does not trust the official adaptation, knowing too well that Jang murdered his dad. Thus, for a long time, he takes after Jang’s strides until the point that confirmation of cerebrum demise behind budgetary building stuns Korea. Come back to Seoul, Ji-sung was caught by Prosecutor Park Hee-su after the media bubbled again after disclosures that Jang would be in some place in Thailand. Political interests and a craving for vindicate join the two in the objective of catching Jang, which is the reason a mystery Jishung-drove trick group, shadow-directed by Park Prosecutor, sets up an expansive arrangement to get him in the Jang.

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