Tokarev – Rage

Coordinated by Paco Cabezas de, Tokarev is an activity motion picture, kill and thriiler 2014 American, composed by Jim Agnew and Sean Keller. In the film may play Nicolas Cage, Rachel Nichols, Peter Stormare, Danny Glover, Max Ryan and Judd Lormand. Paul Maguire (Nicolas Cage) and his companions Kane (Max Ryan) and carry on with an existence of Doherty crime. One night, they assault a Russian mobster, when he is very nearly nodding off while transporting cash for his head. The stakes are substantially higher than they envisioned; alongside a Russian Tokarev, they summoned to get with a Briefcase loaded with cash. It is sufficient that Paul to leave the life of the guilty party and to wind up noticeably a man, yet their wrongdoing triggers a broadened ridiculous war between their group of Irish and Russian mafia. Paul teaches his companions to conceal the cash until the point when things quiet down amongst them and the Russians. In spite of a few losses on the two sides, their arrangement functions admirably; five years after they stole the cash, Paul Kane and Doherty meet to share the cash. Paul utilizes his offer to gradually construct a honest to goodness head in lease in Alabama. He weds a lovely lady called Vanessa and yearning is a gushing father to his young little girl, Caitlin. His previous Mafia Chief O’Connell permitted to end up noticeably lawful, yet he remains companions with his previous companions who haven’t had fortunes that with regards to change. One night Paul and Vanessa goes to a philanthropy supper, leaving Caitlin home to hang out with her companions, Evan and Mike. At supper, a criminologist is coming to Paul, who is accustomed to being the draw. However, criminologist does not battle with him; something occurred with Caitlin.

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