What might you do on the off chance that you remain stuck alone at 35 story of a forsook square? More than that, you haven’t had nourishment, water, power, or phones. With the circumstance that confronted Shaurya, when sweethearts being lovely Noorie, proposes to wed, vowing that he would get a dwelling place them just two. Be that as it may, the cost from the reasonable does not fit with the home, and Shaurya soon understands that the cash it has, doesn’t get the opportunity to have the capacity to lease a flat for him and his better half. At long last, an individual e-I need to lease a loft with the sum they have, even in Shaurya another square of pads, however in spite of the fact that it’s done for a long time, isn’t given. Also, here it is our young in his new condo, making arrangements for what’s to come. Be that as it may, destiny has different plans with him, and from a careless, to remain secured in the loft, without the capacity to summon help. Since the circumstance significantly all the more confounding, the ebb and flow stops, water and cell phone downloads. Before long starts to torment him thirst and hunger, and needs to eat cockroaches, or aciuat a rodent in the loft. Nonetheless, the human body and brain have stores of uknown, with regards to survival, and Shaurya will do their best to escape from the piece that should have been nest his adoration.

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