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Un homme idéal

A Perfect Man is a thriller in which a battling essayist and discover an easy route to acclaim, however a blackmailer undermines to demolish her life’s ideal. 25 years Mathieu, seeking to end up a creator of esteem: a fantasy that appears to be unattainable in light of the fact that, in spite of all endeavors, he won’t get the chance to alter anything. In the mean time, His destiny takes a turn the day when, by chance, meets with the original copy of a forlorn old man who just kicked the bucket. Mathieu reluctant at to begin with, at the end of the day not distribute under his own particular name. He in this way turn out to be new guarantee of French writing, which is looking forward second novel, Mathieu, now infatuated, will dive into a winding of untruths and demise at any expense to keep mystery.

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