The film is a performance by the eponymous personal success of surely understood American professional life dissident Abby Johnson. The movie delineates the astonishing change of Abby Johnson’s life, following her trying adventure from chief at a Texas facility to Planned Parenthood, the main premature birth arrange in the US, to one of the pioneers of the life-supporter development. ladies in pregnancy emergency. The film uncovers how the mind boggling intersection in the courageous woman’s life was gone before by long periods of confused expectations, and afterward came the snapshot of disclosure: “I thought I was helping ladies, yet I was accomplishing more damage than anything else. Everything until I saw a kid battling for his life and after that my entire world crumbled and I comprehended the barbarity of my activities, “said Abby Johnson. A large number of the dull insider facts of Planned Prenthood and the fetus removal industry will be uncovered to those viewing the motion picture. “Nobody can say he didn’t know subsequent to seeing the motion picture,” Johnson said.

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