Howard has an adoring spouse, two girls, a renowned occupation as a legal advisor in Manhattan and a house in suburbia. Yet, inside he suffocates and, at long last, all of a sudden chooses to roll out a startling and incomprehensible improvement for himself and his family. His life is a similar schedule, step by step, and its impulse to put life on delay for a minute at any rate, prompts vanish without a follow. Covered up in the upper room of the carport of his home, Howard, putting in hours consistently, watching and furtively, his better half, and the results of its vanishing, exploiting the nonattendance of daytime has his family to eat and wash. The vanishing of Howard from his own life prompts take part in significant idea and discussion with himself, about marriage, his dad and his confused emotions about the essential connections throughout his life. At long last, Howard starts to cross city roads during the evening looking for nourishment and space. Unrecognizable, he makes the most of his flexibility without losing Visual and enthusiastic ties never with his family. Be that as it may, prompted an old love in his life his significant other, Howard understands that it may not be anything but difficult to go home once more, since his nonattendance will appear to be unexplainable and inexcuzabil─â his better half, in spite of the fact that he appeared to be completely vital.

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