Wheelman is a beginner dashing, what is gotten in the net of the infacţionalităţii couple. Scarcely out of prison following three years spent among crooks, consents to be the driver to escape the members from a bank burglary. Burglary itself stems extremely well, just that amid the theft, Wheelman gets a call that will change the course of the night being referred to. So it is informed to leave the two mates with respect to burglary, while they will murder after effectively conveying the cash. After the takeoff from the place of the burglary, gets a message namelessly, through which it’s reported that it will be murdered alongside Clay, his companion and his accomplice. From here begins a session of feline and mouse between the Wheelman and obscure from the telephone, yet in addition between the Wheelman and obscure that I sent the message. Wheelman needs simply to know family-his better half and little girl safe, yet not all things depend just on him.

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