Two Witches

Sarah (Belle Adams) is a pregnant woman who wants to have a nice dinner with her partner Simon (Ian Michaels) before giving birth. At the restaurant she doesn’t just have to deal with her husband, who is unfortunately quite insensitive. She also feels like she is being watched by a woman who immediately mistakes her for a witch. Is that the “evil look” the old woman gives him? When the couple visit their new friends Dustin (Tim Fox) and Melissa (Dina Silva) a little later, they pull out a Ouija board and unleash dark powers. At the same time, tensions arise between student Rachel (Kristina Kleber) and her new roommate Masha (Rebekah Kennedy). The strangely behaved and completely impulsive young woman has brought home a strange man (Jacob DeMonte-Finn), with whom a violent incident immediately ensues.

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